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Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy TestTaking a pregnancy test can feel overwhelming, especially when the pregnancy is unplanned. You may have concerns about privacy or what the next steps should be if your test indicates that you are pregnant. We provide a free pregnancy test in a confidential supportive environment.

You don’t have to face this situation alone.

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Options Information

We provide you with up-to-date accurate information about abortion, adoption and parenting.

Expect to be treated with care and respect by our trained, female support workers.

Many people have questions such as:

  • Will an abortion hurt?
  • How developed is my baby?
  • If I place my child for adoption, how will I know what kind of life he will have?
  • What supports are available to help me parent?

Make sure you take time to get helpful information and to think about your decision.

Don’t let anyone pressure you.

We are here to help.

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Please note: Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre is not a medical facility. We do not perform or refer for abortions. We provide non-judgmental, compassionate support and information on all pregnancy options. Our services are not intended as a substitute for professional counselling or therapy.

Ongoing Support

We provide you with care and support during and after your decision making process.

Taking a pregnancy test is just the beginning of a journey. Deciding which course of action to take can be a difficult process for many people. It is helpful to have a supportive and confidential place to talk about your feelings and your unique situation.

We provide ongoing emotional support to you as you take the time to consider your options. We are also happy to talk with and listen to the significant people in your life who may be helping you as you face this decision.

We continue to provide support after the birth of your child, whether you parent or place your child for adoption.

We also provide post-abortion support.

You are not alone.

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Information about Community Resources

There are many community resources that can provide you with support. Knowing where to get help can make a real difference. We help you get connected with agencies that provide medical, financial, educational, and social support.

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Adoption Information

We have information about a variety of different adoption agencies or lawyers. We provide you with support as you explore the option of adoption. If you decide that adoption is the best choice for you and your baby, we will provide you with support throughout the process and after your baby is placed for adoption.

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Post-Abortion Support
We provide a safe place for you to process emotions connected to abortion losses. If you are struggling with your emotions because of an abortion, there is hope. Some women feel relief after an abortion, while other women experience strong negative emotions. Some of these reactions may be immediate. Some occur many years after the abortion. Whether you had an abortion last week or thirty years ago, we are here for you, if you need help. How do I make an appointment? Contact us now 705-739-7280
Clothing Cupboard
iStock_000009595653XSmall[1]We provide clean, gently used maternity and baby clothing to clients who complete an intake. Maternity and baby clothes can be so expensive! We are happy to provide you with clean, gently used, clothes for you and your baby after you complete an intake. Sometimes we have baby items available too. During an intake at the centre, we will let you know about other resources in the community that you might not have known about. Contact us now for an appointment. 705-739-7280.
Childbirth Education Classes

Classes are provided after 20 weeks pregnancy to help you prepare for your childbirth and the early stages after your baby is delivered. These classes are provided in small groups or individually to give you personalized support.

The centre also provides support during childbirth for women who do not have a support person, on a limited basis – feel free to ask us about this service.

We are here to help.

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Stories of HOPE

“The worker helped me feel relaxed and calm about the situation. It’s the best place to talk to someone if you feel scared.”

“Helpful, caring support and information. I’m grateful for this service”

“A welcoming, respectful atmosphere. I didn’t feel rushed or judged”

“I felt comfortable, the staff was caring and listened to my concerns”

“Friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere”